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"Provisions Consulting worked with me to develop a top notch web site that allows a small practice to act like a major clinic. Sarah Kovich and her team listened to me and spent time designing a site that fits my needs. Their insight and design advice is invaluable. I cannot think of any other firm that understands the needs of counselors as Provisions Consulting. I am very pleased with my site and the daily results it brings to my practice."  
Rev. Garry D. Teeter, MS, LPC, NCC, CBIST
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Happy to partner with Provisions Consulting  E-mail
Adèle Bradley, President of NHMHCA, is happy with NHMHCA's decision to partner with Provisions Consulting, Inc. "This business partnership will enable our Association to enhance membership services, better provide clients in New Hampshire with access to competent counseling services, and will also allow NHMHCA, as well as our 200 members, to have more visibility and opportunities for growth. After developing our state professional association over many years time, we do have a very progressive and refined entity in its organization. Now, through our coupling with Provisions, we also have a partner to help sustain us, as well as to further support future growth. I am delighted with our Board of Directors' decision to align the NHMHCA with Provisions Consulting, and believe this move will allow our members greater access to many kinds of support services, as well as increased visibility by both consumers of mental health services in New Hampshire, and our peers across the state, the nation, and worldwide."

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Provisions Consulting, Inc.
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