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  • Our company formed in 1996 and has been assisting clinical practitioners since that time to develop more robust practices - on and off-line. We have continually maintained a comprehensive, vibrant, changing site to attract new visitors and keep existing visitors coming back.

  • Our owner, staff and consultants are internet and mental health professionals. Each of us has been successful in building our practices and web sites and want to pass our knowledge on to you.

  • Your site is partnered to our main site, so people visiting your site have the added advantage of seeking other resources from our main site. More importantly, visitors to our site can find your site more easily. We currently have over 100,000 unique visitors per month and expect that number to double each quarter as the number of Internet users continues to skyrocket.

  • Since April of 1999 we have made an aggressive push to advertise our site in the community.  We advertise and promote our site to the general public as well as to clinical professionals. We choose mental health related publications to advertise in to assure a solid target market for the mental health services our professionals offer.

  • You can expect the utmost in professionalism from our site. We have chosen not to accept advertisers or banners. We depend on our customers, affiliates and web partners to contribute pertinent, informative information. We do not clutter our site.

  • We strive for personalized service that will result in a long relationship - with your satisfaction as top priority.

  • We offer a competitive pricing structure- one that allows you to look like you have a big presence on the web for a fraction of the cost.

Do you want to choose PCI? Contact us now to get started!


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Provisions Consulting, Inc.
6370 LBJ, Suite 272
Dallas, TX 75240
Phone: 972-385-6400

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